San Diego scribes your chance has arrived

What’s it like on the street where you live?

The Reader has been covering life in San Diego for over 50 years, and we like to think we know the place pretty well. But even Homer nods, and we’re bound to have missed a thing or two about your corner of the city, whether it’s the beach, the backcountry, South Bay, North County, or anywhere in between.

Here’s your chance to tell a tale from your hood and get paid for your trouble. Give us a detailed portrait of a local character, or a compelling and emblematic narrative. Set the scene. Map the territory. Tell us what you love about it or what you hate, what’s happening or what happened that one time. Most of all, give us a sense of place.

Please limit entries to non-fiction — we want to know how it is, not how it might be — and 4000 words maximum.

First prize: $2000. Second prize: $1000. Five honorable mentions of $500 each.

Email entries to by January 31, 2024. Winners will appear in the Reader beginning at the end of February 2024.